Leadership Announcement

Worldreader’s co-founder David Risher is transitioning from his position of CEO to take on the new role of US Board President.

“Having served as Worldreader US Board President for 3 years, I’ve had the privilege to see the organization strengthen its team, focus, and impact. I’m excited for David to be appointed as our new Board President and I look forward to working with David and the rest of the Board to get children reading.

During her time as Chief Impact Officer, Rebecca Chandler Leege made a strong impression on the board with her extraordinary leadership skills and vision. She has the board’s full support and trust as Worldreader’s new CEO (Interim) and we’re confident she’ll expand our impact.”

Chris Capossela
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Consumer Business

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We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Rebecca Chandler Leege as our new Chief Executive Officer (Interim). We thank co-founder David Risher for his leadership in getting children reading and for his continued service to the organization as he takes on a new role as Worldreader US Board President.

We Get Children Reading around the world

Since 2010, we have reached more than 21 million children in over 100 countries. We’re laser-focused on supporting millions more.

Become a Reading

We’re in the midst of a global learning crisis – today, 64% of children globally can’t read and understand a simple story. Worldreader gets children reading so they can reach their potential. We’re thankful to our Reading Champions who support children every day.

The leaders moving the
mission forward

Learn more about the Worldreader leadership:

Rebecca Chandler Leege

Chief Impact Officer
(CEO Interim as of 17 April)

Shannon Atkinson

Chief Financial & Human Resource Officer

Wendi Huestis

Chief Advancement Officer

Bhanu Potta

Bhanu Potta

Chief Growth Officer, Global South