Kindle Transition Overview

A transition: from Kindles to phones and tablets

When Worldreader was founded in 2010, we first delivered our digital library on Kindles. These projects have been running successfully for many years.

Over time, we designed two apps to help people read: our BookSmart app for children and our Worldreader app for youth. Both of these apps have been designed to run on inexpensive hardware. They are easy to use and display books beautifully in full color. They have also been optimized for minimum data usage – all features that are important to our readers.

Consequently, we have decided to move away from using Kindles, and instead we will deliver our library of books entirely via our BookSmart and Worldreader apps on Android tablets and phones.

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What this means for
our partners with Kindles

Rest assured that your Kindles will continue to work as usual.  However, as of June 1, 2021, Worldreader can no longer create or make changes to your Kindles.

Please see the full details on how this change will affect you in the Kindle Transition Self-Management Training we have put together for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your books will not be impacted by this transition. All books will remain on your Kindles.

Yes, all Kindles deployed by Worldreader before June 2021 will function as normal.

Yes, while supplies last. Worldreader can provide Kindles at the cost of shipping and handling on our remaining Kindles. After June, Worldreader will be unable to register these replacement Kindles directly, but you will be provided a simple step-by-step training guide on how to register the replacement Kindles on your own.

Yes, while supplies last we are offering discounted pricing on Kindles preloaded with 100 books from the Worldreader library.  Please contact your program manager for more information before May 15, 2021.

Starting in June 2021, we can no longer provide books to new or existing Kindles. You must acquire new content by purchasing content for an individual Kindle directly through the Kindle Store. Partners in some countries, including Nigeria and Sierra Leone will not be able to purchase books from the Kindle store as Amazon does not allow it.

No. Starting in June 2021, Worldreader can no longer provide free or discounted books. You may be able to find and add free books on your own through the Amazon Kindle Store.

See Partner Guide here for more information.

No. Any troubleshooting Worldreader provided previously will be covered in the self-management guide.

No, re-registering instructions will be covered in the self-management guide.

Check with your local recyclers. Worldreader offices in KE & GH can recommend local recyclers if you contact us. Please note that Worldreader is no longer accepting broken kindles in our offices.