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You can send 50 e-readers with 100 e-books each to a school in Africa. That’s the equivalent of a library with 5,000 books!

Schools That Need Books:

These unique projects are ready for funding. Your $15,000 donation covers the costs of e-readers, e-books, customs and shipping fees, logistical support in the U.S. and Africa, and more. It would cost more than 3 times that if you tried to do it alone.

Ogome Library

Eastern Region, Ghana


The Ogome Library is an initiative led by Julius Afedi, a young man in his twenties in the Ogome – Krobo Community. Julius started an after school reading program in his community to help promote the culture of reading and curb the falling standards of education in his community.

Ogome has been in the Worldreader sponsorship pipeline for almost two years. In that time, Julius has been proactive in starting activities to improve the situation in his community, until they could start a digital reading program. For the past two years, Julius has mobilized more than 10 volunteers to assist him in organizing after-school reading program for about 200 students from 5 schools in his community. He has even been sending quarterly update reports to the Worldreader Accra office, display their commitment to a reading culture and eagerness for a new program.

Iyenga Primary School

Kakamega, Kenya


Iyenga Primary School is located in the outskirts of the Kakemega, a rural town an hour’s drive north of Kisumu, the largest city in Eastern Kenya. Most members of the community are farmers, and the mission of the school is to “mold farmers into responsible citizens who are self reliant.” Iyenga serves 500 people, including students and their families.

They have a vibrant library program that is open to students and members of the community. They are severely limited by the number of texts available, and the number of students exceeds the number of textbooks allocated by the Kenyan government. To compensate for their lack of books, the school staff have used cut-outs from newspapers and magazines for the students and community members. E-readers would introduce a wealth of new, locally-relevant content that can be updated up to three times a year to reflect changes in the school’s needs.

Kirembe Primary School

Kirembe, Kenya


This project has been sponsored. Our Programs team is sourcing new projects to sponsor.

The Kirembe Primary School's mission is "to produce an all-around individual who will create positive change in society." Serving over 400 students, the school was one of the recipients of e-readers for a trial program to determine the efficacy of e-reading in the classroom. Having witnessed the success of the e-readers, the school is requesting another BLUE Box to continue to improve the performance of students.

You can see one of the students at the school, Veronica, in this video.

These schools and libraries are just a few of many that are in need of a BLUE Box. If you are interested in supporting, please email our Development Team at development@worldreader.org.

How It Works:

In approximately 3-6 months, your students can have e-readers in their hands.

1 )

choose a school to sponsor

Worldreader has identified and approved several schools and libraries ready for sponsorship. You can choose from the unique projects listed above or email us for other available projects.

2 )

donate or raise $15,000

All contributions are 100% tax-deductible. The $15,000 sponsorship will ensure a timely launch of your program and also help to support Worldreader’s overall operations.

3 )

watch us prepare your shipment

Worldreader will recognize your name and your project on all 50 Kindles. You will also receive a report of the custom collection of 100 e-books chosen by your school or library.

4 )

connect with the kids

You will receive photos of the kids with your e-readers and stories from the community launch of your program. After six months, the school or library will provide you with an impact report detailing the progress of your project.

Donor recognition on a project Kindle
Students recognize a major donor

Sponsored Schools:

Check out some of our funded projects.

E-readers at Pole Pole Academy Sponsored By Worldreader New York Chapter

Pole Pole Academy

Pole Pole Academy, a school for orphans founded by orphans, received 100 wi-fi Kindles in March 2014. Books included beginning readers and storybooks.

kids reading at Upendo in Tanzania Sponsored By Thanks Be To God Foundation

Upendo School

The Upendo School was the first school in Tanzania to receive an e-reader project for primary students. Upendo received 60 wi-fi Kindles for Primary 4 and 5 grade students in 2012.

children with e-readers in Ghana Sponsored By The Ayyad Family


Thanks to the Ayyad family, students in two classrooms in Adeiso, Ghana, received 50 Kindles loaded with textbooks and storybooks.

Plus, experience e-readers in communities in Ghana by helping us run our Vacation Reading School in August. Volunteer with us in Africa.

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