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Why Partner With Us?

Besides taking an active role in combating illiteracy, publishers and authors who make their content available to our readers also benefit from our expertise and partnerships in the following areas:


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Gain access to our highly engaged and growing readership.


data on the reading patters of Worldreader users.

Get unprecedented insight into the reading patterns of users in new markets.


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Leverage opportunities to directly promote new books or events to our readers.

How it Works:

If you are a publisher who wants to make a lasting contribution to literacy, join us! We love hearing from publishers of all sizes.

* We typically accept content in .EPUB, .PDF, and Microsoft Word .DOC files, but in special cases, and for publishers located in sub-Saharan Africa and India, we also accept books in other formats, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Publishers We Work With:

Worldreader works with more than 140 publishers and authors from around the world, including Penguin Random House (United States), Kachifo (Nigeria), KidsCan (Canada), Pratham Books (India), Storymoja (Kenya), Modjaji (South Africa) and Hesperian (United States).

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