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The future is bright when
we get children reading.

Reading is the foundation of all learning, and parents are a child’s first teachers. We get children and their families reading so they have the tools they need to build the future they wish for themselves and the next generations.

Give children access to thousands of stories that matter to them.

Help families nurture a positive home reading environment.

Harness the power of technology to get children reading anytime, anywhere.

Meet the future.
Power their stories.

Children who read regularly stay longer in school, earn higher grades, and make better choices for their future. Together, we can empower the world’s children to dream big and reach their potential so their best stories can come true.

“I like reading because it opens doors to new places, we can imagine things. When I grow up, I want to be a soccer player.”
Meet Gianfranco

“The book Ama’s Dream made me believe some dreams come true. I want to be an artist. A musician and a painter.”
Meet Natasha

“When I grow up, I want to be a scientist because I like science and doing experiments. My favorite book is Las Alpaquitas (Little Alpacas) because it teaches us to be responsible when taking care of our animals.”
Meet Abigail