Worldreader wins the US Library of Congress 2023 Literacy Award ➤


Raising Readers Phase 1 Final Report


Deploying design-based, mixed-methods research, the EdTech Hub study Raising Readers (Phase 1) explores how BookSmart can be best used to strengthen parent and carer engagement with children’s reading in Kenya.

6 Books to Help Children Foster Kindness


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Celebrate World Kindness Day by helping children learn to be kind and inspiring compassion in every chapter of their lives with these six books. Kindness is everywhere. From holding a door open for a stranger to caring for a loved one, there are endless opportunities to be kind each day. In order to grow, we … Continue Reading →

Top 2023 Books Read by Worldreaders


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Check out some of our favorite stories on BookSmart from our staff around the world! If there’s one thing we love at Worldreader, it’s books! That’s why this holiday season, we’ve collected some of our favorite books for you to read with your family. Our staff from all over the world have shared the BookSmart … Continue Reading →

The Childhood Cost Calculator


The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings has published the "The Childhood Cost Calculator: A simple tool for costing interventions for children and youth". Worldreader staff, Wendy Smith and Leslie Tettey, are co-authors.

Worldreader Global Impact Report


Learn about Worldreader's impact across the world – find a message from Worldreader's CEO as well as details of our work in each of our regions, impact stories, events, and more.