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Letters to Meshack

May 30, 2011 By

In 2002, A jury at The Zimbabwe International Book Fair published “Africa’s 100 Best Books”  and one of our Writers Changing Lives authors, Meshack Asare, topped the Children’s category.  You might remember that Meshack told Jennifer that when he was young growing up in Ghana, books were scarce.  He grew up reading his father’s collection of … Continue Reading →

Kilgoris Teachers Dive Into E-readers

May 25, 2011 By

Motivated teachers. Check. A dedicated community. Check. Committed coaches. Check. Healthy doses of curiosity, willingness, and imagination. Triple check. Add to this about 15 hours of hands-on instruction and a week’s worth of training assessments, and here’s what you get: 14 teachers in the Kenyan countryside amped up about e-readers and the possibility of improving … Continue Reading →

The Power of Reading Together

May 23, 2011 By

Guest post by Joe Lapp for Lincoln Community School   There’s nothing like reading together to unlock the power of cross-cultural connection and the expressive potential of the written word, and I saw this demonstrated in a Worldreader classroom recently.  Lincoln Community School – an American international school in Accra, Ghana – has been proud to help … Continue Reading →

Sara’s Aha! Moments

May 20, 2011 By

Sara Rhyne stands at the doorway of the Ntimigom School in Kenya. From the top of the hill, she glances out at the wide-open spaces, and watches life – and cows – pass by. Inside the low-lit classroom, under a dusty chalkboard, a group of 14 teachers involved in The Kilgoris Project fire up their … Continue Reading →


May 16, 2011 By

What is a frequent request from our kids in the iRead pilot in Ghana?  A light.  Our students are already spending 50% more of their time reading now that they have an e-reader… now imagine!  They can read stories like Meshack Asare’s The Canoe’s Story when the sun sets.  A huge thank you to our … Continue Reading →

Writers Changing Lives: A Chat With Meshack Asare

April 29, 2011 By

  In Ghana, books were hard to come by when children’s author Meshack Asare was young. The nearest library was 24 miles away, and a mobile book unit visited his town every six months or so. While he managed to get his hands on the few school textbooks, Royal primers, Oxford English readers, and the … Continue Reading →

Sharing Book Love

April 23, 2011 By

Today, April 23, is a special day for book lovers, aspiring readers, and just about anyone else who has ever felt a jolt of excitement after running their fingers down a hard-covered spine or flipping through e-reader pages of their favorite tome. It’s World Book and Copyright Day, as coined by UNESCO and the United … Continue Reading →

A little help from our friends

April 22, 2011 By

Judging by recent news that e-book sales surpassed paperback books and the price of e-reader technology keeps dropping, it’s safe to say we’re witnessing a massive shift in the publishing world.  Worldeader wants to bring the developing world in on that change so that students (like Deborah and Gideon seen here in our latest video) have … Continue Reading →

Writers Changing Lives: A Chat With Sylvia Vardell

April 13, 2011 By

  As our Director of Digital Publishing Elizabeth Wood pointed out, something’s caught our eye recently: Authors are so excited about Worldreader, they’re telling their friends about us. That’s how we met Sylvia Vardell, an author and professor at Texas Woman’s University School of Library & Information Studies. Her colleague, poet Janet Wong, made the introduction … Continue Reading →


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