News: Part 2: Teacher Training – A taste of the Koru launch

March 19, 2012 By

Part 2 of the Dr. Robert Ouko Memorial Community Library launch at the Menara Primary School in Kenya that includes the Worldreader Kit of 46 Kindles. Prior to the successful community launch and the following day, Worldreader kicked off our teacher training program. In addition to showing teachers how to use e-readers in their classrooms, our … Continue Reading →

News: A taste of the Koru launch

March 17, 2012 By

by Zev Lowe Background: This is a Worldreader Kit of 46 Kindles in a school in Kenya that we are launching with the Dr. Robert Ouko Memorial Community Library at the Menara Primary School.  It is funded by the Gordons and their family/friends. The launch event was pretty grand. They had erected tents for the occasion (which they also … Continue Reading →

Testing a new platform for “Books for all”

February 13, 2012 By

Sometimes it’s important to step back and remember that Worldreader is about reading. We are not ‘the e-reader NGO’, nor ‘the Kindle guys’. We are simply ‘the folks who are transforming reading.’ Our core mission is to enable folks all over the developing world to read.  We do that by using new technology to deliver … Continue Reading →

Book Love, Live From Uganda

February 10, 2012 By

It’s another big week for Worldreader: We officially kicked off a new program in Uganda! We mentioned our Partner Program and  expansion plans a while back, and soon we’ll have more news about what’s happening and where we’re going next. Exciting stuff in the pipeline! In the meantime, here are a few photos and a near … Continue Reading →

Loving Our Volunteers

February 2, 2012 By

As a lean, nonprofit social enterprise, much of what we do is powered by the enthusiasm of our volunteers. Now and again, Worldreader shines a light on their initiative, shares their on-the-ground experience with our broader community, and gives them a big public hug. You may remember, Sara Rhyne, for instance. She won our video … Continue Reading →

The Tale of Two E-Reader Pilots: Curating Content (Part 2)

October 5, 2011 By

About 18 months ago, before Worldreader even had office space, the team unpacked 20 Kindle 2s, and a handful of children’s books were uploaded onto the e-readers. With ambitious plans sketched out on paper and a lot hope in their suitcases, Worldreader’s Colin McElwee, David Risher, and Mike Sundermeyer flew from Barcelona to Ghana and started … Continue Reading →

A Simple Idea Goes a Long Way

September 24, 2011 By

These last few weeks we’ve been chatting up our iREAD Vacation School. Now, that we have dug into the results and see the impact, we can’t stop thinking about it.  It started out as a really simple idea: Give kids access to books during their long vacation. Worldreader couldn’t let them take their devices home … Continue Reading →

Predictions for e-readers

July 16, 2011 By

Today I spent some time reviewing our blog posts over the past year and reflecting on what I’ve experienced with Worldreader.  Now, I am going to make a prediction:  E-readers will change the way the developing world reads.   Most predictions take a lot of nerve and guts, but this really isn’t the case here.  … Continue Reading →