Promoting Gender Equality through Digital Reading


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We’re honored to be able to positively impact the lives of millions more girls. And we’re determined to do it right. So, as an organization we asked ourselves “how can we use our work to help women and girls read and dramatically accelerate progress towards a more gender-equal world?” This led us to creating four gender equality principles to guide our work and everything we do.

What Worldreaders are Reading in 2016


Worldreader is all about reading.  And the more we expand our collection of digital books, the more broadly people read. Each month, about 300,000 people read books on our mobile phone apps and another 100,000 people– primarily school-age students– read books on our e-readers.  When we first started, our collection numbered in the hundreds of … Continue Reading →

Learnings From Libraries: Our Midterm LEAP Report


At Worldreader, our staff is full of avid library fans. Many of us spent our childhood days in local libraries, thumbing through well-worn pages of soon-to-be favorite books, searching through card catalogs to find the newest installments of The Boxcar Children or Sweet Valley High. Some of us even remember how the Dewey Decimal system … Continue Reading →

Stomping Out Illiteracy One Reader at a Time


  On International Literacy Day, we’ve got some good news to share with all of you: we’re closer than you think to stomping out illiteracy thanks to mobile technology. Wrap your mind around this: 6 billion people have access to a mobile device. In a survey we conducted, we found that people who start reading … Continue Reading →