How to keep children safe when school goes online


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Establishing safe spaces where children can use online learning tools is key to quality learning in a crisis. During this pandemic, organizations need to think about facilitating content delivery and teaching digital literacy skills, while also promoting child safety online. Here we take a look at how.

Why reading in times of crisis preserves learning


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Reading to children and ensuring that children continue to read during this crisis may sound like an overly simple solution, but it would be an error to think so. The science of reading reminds us that when children read or are read to frequently, children continue learning and preserve skills learned prior to the crisis. 

8 women leading the way in digital technology


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Women in Tech: Inspiration, No Fairytales is a book that tells the stories of 30 inspiring women who are succeeding in the tech world. We're proud to be bringing these inspiring stories to millions of women via our Worldreader app. Here we feature eight of the incredible women highlighted in the book.

Top books read by Worldreaders in 2019


No matter who they were or why they were reading, one thing is for sure: Worldreaders are anything but boring when it comes to reading! The top books read by readers in 2019 represent a wide variety of genres including romance, folk tales, fiction, and life skills. Take a look at the top books read by our readers in 2019.

Promoting Gender Equality through Digital Reading


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We’re honored to be able to positively impact the lives of millions more girls. And we’re determined to do it right. So, as an organization we asked ourselves “how can we use our work to help women and girls read and dramatically accelerate progress towards a more gender-equal world?” This led us to creating four gender equality principles to guide our work and everything we do.

12 books you should read this International Literacy Day


The theme of this year's International Literacy Day is ‘Literacy and Multilingualism.’ Put simply, this year UNESCO is highlighting how crucial local language content is when it comes to getting the world to read. This is something that we at Worldreader care about deeply. That's why we're highlighting some of our local language books in languages including Hindi, Swahili, Spanish, and Arabic.