Meet Aria & Anna: Young Authors Writing for Readers Around the World

June 24, 2020 By

aria and anna

Meet two incredibly inspiring girls — and authors: Eleven-year-old Aria Rani Sindledecker and sixteen-year-old Anna Pattle. Both girls are strong believers in the power of reading to change — and the world around us. And both girls are spreading their love for reading to the less fortunate by supporting Worldreader.

Worldreader’s 2019 Annual Report is Live

June 22, 2020 By

Worldreader's Annual Report

In 2019, supporters like you helped reach over 2.4 million readers with a library of thousands of books in 52 languages. We're thrilled to share your impact towards building a better world, powered by readers.

Using digital reading data to improve international education

June 15, 2020 By

Data is vital to quality education. At Worldreader, we understand the value of data as we work to support readers across the Global South and improve learning outcomes. Here's a look at how we use data to support our work and the work of other organizations, and how we approach data privacy.

14-Day Reading Challenge – are you in?

June 4, 2020 By

By launching this challenge, Worldreader hopes to encourage parents and caregivers to keep reading to the young children in their lives, and to develop a habit of doing so frequently.  Here's a list of the 14 books that we are promoting among our readers in West and East Africa – we hope you’ll join the challenge and enjoy these books as much as we do. You can join at any time!

Essential Storybooks on Race & Inclusivity for Your Child

June 4, 2020 By

Worldreader books about inclusion

In this age of globalized information, children are asking more and more questions about race as they have access to more and more information at their fingertips. Worldreader’s free library provides children’s storybooks, authored by Africans and African Americans, that can help spark this discussion.

Remembering Carolyn Reidy

May 13, 2020 By

carolyn reidy worldreader

We will feel Carolyn’s absence for years to come. We are incredibly honored that Worldreader’s impact is even a small part of Carolyn’s enormous legacy.

How to keep children safe when school goes online

May 12, 2020 By

worldreader india

Establishing safe spaces where children can use online learning tools is key to quality learning in a crisis. During this pandemic, organizations need to think about facilitating content delivery and teaching digital literacy skills, while also promoting child safety online. Here we take a look at how.

Why reading in times of crisis preserves learning

April 17, 2020 By

worldreader jordan

Reading to children and ensuring that children continue to read during this crisis may sound like an overly simple solution, but it would be an error to think so. The science of reading reminds us that when children read or are read to frequently, children continue learning and preserve skills learned prior to the crisis.

Bringing free ebooks to students in Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic

March 26, 2020 By

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a global health crisis, it is a learning crisis. When considering how to mitigate learning loss in a pandemic, it should be a top priority to support reading skills and engagement with books. That's why we’re expanding our partnership with Opera to get more books to more readers.

8 women leading the way in digital technology

March 5, 2020 By

women in tech._worldreader

Women in Tech: Inspiration, No Fairytales is a book that tells the stories of 30 inspiring women who are succeeding in the tech world. We're proud to be bringing these inspiring stories to millions of women via our Worldreader app. Here we feature eight of the incredible women highlighted in the book.