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October 2015 • The Angel of Mexico City


The Angel of Mexico City

by Aminatta Forna

Set in the streets of Mexico City: the story of a boy, a runaway angel and a stray dog.

Malaika is an angel. Well, he’s an angel-in-training to be exact. The only trouble is that jobs for angels are growing scarce, so the new intake spend their time taking classes in astronomy, flight and minor miracles. One day Malaika finds a hole in the clouds and for the first time in his life he sees the Earth. The Earth is beautiful, but the cities seemed vast and forgettable, until something catches Malaika’s eye amid the streetlights and apartment buildings: a young boy feeding a homeless dog.

Aminatta Forna’s The Angel of Mexico City is the story of a young boy facing loss, lies and the perils of growing up in the bustling capital of Mexico. When Ben’s policeman father dies, Ben’s mother stops singing and hardly ever smiles. It’s up to Ben to take care of them both. To make matters worse the bullies at school have begun to pick on him. Now, more than ever, Ben needs help. Will Malaika find a way to reach Ben from beyond the clouds? Do you believe in guardian angels?

Video Introduction to The Angel of Mexico City: