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Worldreader Book Club

May 2015 • Ossie’s Dream


Ossie’s Dream

by Nanayaa Amankwah

From the slums of Accra to the distant villages of Ghana, Ossie's Dream careens through the hardships of growing up poor in West Africa. Ossie is a slacker at school, but when a series of harrowing events takes him out of school and into the wide world, he longs to return at any cost. In many ways an extraordinary tale, Ossie's Dream dives into a reality that is all too common for those living on the margins in Ghana.

Video Introduction to Ossie’s Dream:

Discussion Questions about Ossie’s Dream:

  1. At first glance Ossie's Dream appears to be a children's book. Who do you think the book is written for? Kids, young adults, mature audiences? Why?
  2. Did the actions of any of the characters surprise you in some way?
  3. Ghana's literacy rate averages 58% nationally, and goes as low as 30% in the Northern regions. How did Ossie's struggles illustrate Ghana's literacy divide?
  4. Do you think the adults in Ossie's life are overly exaggerated in their characterization? Are any too nice, or too mean, to be believable? What factors do you think play into any extremeness?