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June 2015 • Grandmother’s Winning Smile


Grandmother’s Winning Smile

by Stanley Gazemba

When a young boy's father runs out on him without paying his son's school fees, and he's left in the care of his old grandmother, he prepares for a life of working on a farm. His wily grandmother has different plans and when cûcû sets her mind to something, nothing will stand in her way. A whirlwind tale of determination, Grandmother's Winning Smile is a heartwarming tale of battling the odds for one's dreams.

Video Introduction to Grandmother’s Winning Smile:

Discussion Questions about Grandmother’s Winning Smile:

  1. How does Grandmother's view of Kinuthia's mother's death change the way you view Grandmother? Were you surprised at all by her advice to Kinuthia?
  2. What are your impressions of cûcû's various moneymaking schemes? Do any seem more or less scrupulous than the others?
  3. This story has a general 'feel good' quality about it. How does it compare to other similarly upbeat narratives you've read before?