Worldreader Book Club

January 2015 • The Girl With the Magic Hands


The Girl With the Magic Hands

by Nnedi Okorafor

Synopsis: When Chidera hears voices near her village's well, she delves into the woods to find them. Discovering a world of beautiful drawings, she cannot imagine how her world is about to change. Nnedi Okorafor's The Girl with the Magic Hands is an engaging tale of what happens when a young girl awakens the forgotten traditions of her village. More than just a story for children, The Girl with the Magic Hands captures the creative energy of one of Nigeria's most fantastical authors, bringing a gorgeous world of characters to life in unexpected ways.

Interview with the author on The Literacy Ledger.

Video Introduction to The Girl With the Magic Hands:

Discussion Questions about The Girl With the Magic Hands:

  1. To what extent is this story about magic? Or is it more about traditions and talents?
  2. How does gender play into who experiences, or is aware of, the magical elements of the story?
  3. The narrator in the story is an old man. How does this influence your reading of the story, its characters, and events? Are there any particular reasons why Okorafor would use him as a narrator?
  4. What about the story works, and what doesn't? What if it were just about a girl who loves to draw?
  5. When you encounter the women in the woods, who do you think they are? Are they witches, spirits, or something else entirely?