Stories by Wendy Smith

How to keep children safe when school goes online


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Establishing safe spaces where children can use online learning tools is key to quality learning in a crisis. During this pandemic, organizations need to think about facilitating content delivery and teaching digital literacy skills, while also promoting child safety online. Here we take a look at how.

Why reading in times of crisis preserves learning


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Reading to children and ensuring that children continue to read during this crisis may sound like an overly simple solution, but it would be an error to think so. The science of reading reminds us that when children read or are read to frequently, children continue learning and preserve skills learned prior to the crisis. 

Read to Kids Pilot Results Revealed in New Report


Reading to a child from the time that they are born can have the greatest impact on their life. As a digital reading organization, we’re always on a quest to discover smarter and higher-impact ways to get more people reading. Until recently, mobile phones really had no significant track record as reading tools for children … Continue Reading →