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Bhanu Potta

Bhanu Potta

Bhanu is passionate about building and growing purposeful products, businesses, and organizations that enhance human potential. At Worldreader, Bhanu provides strategic direction & leadership for the growth of impact, partnership development and organizational capacity across the Global South (APAC, Africa, and LATAM).

Before this, Bhanu led Worldreader’s global portfolio of digital reading solutions as its Executive Product Leader. Prior to joining Worldreader in 2015, in a corporate product and growth leadership career spanning over two decades, Bhanu set up and grew multi-million-dollar digital product programs in education, health, and livelihoods domains for Microsoft, Nokia, Perot Systems, Informatics Group, and NIIT. As the senior advisor for social investments to the worldwide education group at Microsoft and the global product leader for mobile learning services at Nokia, Bhanu led some of the world’s largest mobile-based learning services which collectively reached over 250 million beneficiaries in Global South markets. A founding partner of boutique advisory firm Zinger Labs, Bhanu also advises boards, CXO teams, investors & startup founders on building successful digital businesses and impact-focused organizations.

Bhanu is a certified board director and sits on various boards and investment committees. He is a sought-after counsel, mentor & professor of practice on product leadership & strategy, ICT for development, and social investments.

Bhanu is an avid reader in four languages and can be found actively reading three books at any point in time. Is favorite book is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek.

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Bhanu Potta

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