Worldreader wins the US Library of Congress 2023 Literacy Award ➤

Transcript “Worldreader’s Mission” Video

We live in a world that changes rapidly every day. Yet in Africa, most children who attend school never own a single book of their own. More than half of 6th graders in Sub-Saharan Africa have no books in their classroom. Worldreader is doing something that has never been done before. We are bringing books to all in the developing world using e-readers. Technology which is quickly dropping in price, has long battery life, and uses cellphone technology available even in the most remote parts of the world, we are able to deliver books with no printing cost and no shipping cost. E-readers hold thousands of books, allowing people to choose the book that they want to read. Now students can hold an entire library in their hands, and can read everything from the Magic Treehouse Series to local stories like Ananse’s Magic Drum, giving them and their families and communities access to the world and inspiring them to become whatever they want to be. They will be the change in their world.

(Children) “I want to be a lawyer.” “I want to be a mechanic.” “I want to be a doctor.”

Worldreader is proving this can work. We see it in the 500 students and teachers in the iREAD pilot in Ghana.

(Teacher) “So you will be using this alongside what you do in the classroom.”

(Teacher) “Select Chapter 8. Natural Resources. So somebody should read.”

(Student) “Resources are any form of materials which people…”

They now have 35,000 books and access to millions more. And we’ll see it in the millions of people still to go. Join us in bringing books to all.