Transcript “Worldreader Ghana Pilot” Video

There are 796 million people in the world who don’t know how to read. Most children in Africa never own a book.

Kade, Ghana. Eric Tetteh Teaches without e-readers.

“Students who don’t have the e-readers, they barely have something to read. They likely don’t have anything because their textbooks are collected from them and kept in the school so that’s a big difference.

Mohammed Aminu teaches with e-readers.

“The library period is always wasted because we don’t have books to read. The school has textbooks for both A and B. And we have a class of 74 in A alone. So they have to share the books. That is maybe 3 is to 1 or 2 is to 1.”

“If you don’t have the book, join your friend who has one. All right? “

(Children) “Yes sir.”

The shortage of books in Africa has a solution. Worldreader is working to bring each child a library, replacing this school’s ratio of 1 book per 3 children with 3,500 e-books per child.

(Teacher) “Now we have storybooks on the e-reader. The ability of the children to read more, also to read ahead, the ability has increased. It has gone high!

(Eric Tetteh, Teacher) “If I have the e-readers in my class my teaching would be very, very, very exciting!

Having books changes everything.

(Student) With this e-reader it’s going to help me acquire more knowledge. And also knowledge is power. I like this e-reader.

(Mohammed Aminu, Teacher) “If we should have e-readers, the kids would have the books at hand. With a library in their hands everywhere they go, they read. The school would be flooded with kids if that should happen.”

500 students have e-readers. Millions to go. Donate.