Transcript “Reading Comprehension with Worldreader” Video

December 2010

(Sarah Appiah, Primary Teacher)
“We are very, very much interested in the e-reader.   It is good to help every child in the class, especially in reading.”

After six months, we’re seeing notable improvements in reading fluency. Listen for yourself.

Deborah, December 2010 (Deborah Reading)
“The monkey was very much afraid, but he did not show it. Very patiently, he said…”

April 2011 (Deborah Reading)
“The children are on holiday. Kwame and Effois are at school. Kwame listens to some music on the radio. Effois reads a book.”

Deborah is now reading 20% faster.

De-Graft, December 2010 (De-Graft Reading)
“Sit down children. Here are the letters of the alphabet. Each letter comes big or little.”

April 2011 (Reading)
“Effois and Kwame can go with her to see papa in the village. I have some schoolwork to do for Monday.”

De-Graft is now reading 23% faster.

(Teacher Talking)
“My name is Mohammed Aminu. I teach English with the e-reader. Since I started using the e-readers, I see a difference in their performance, reading abilities, and so much more, because the ability of the children to read more, also to read ahead. They take it to their house, to the market, sometimes they pay me a visit and they have their e-readers, and they take it everywhere that they go!”

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