Transcript “Okanta Kate for Worldreader” Video

Change a life for five dollars. Okanta Kate, Aspiring Writer: “My name is Okanta Kate. This is on e-reader and I love to read. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but now I want to be the most famous writer in the whole world. When I first learned a woman here in Ghana writes a lot, I thought, if a woman can do this, I am also a woman, so I can also write books and do things like her. So that’s motivated me really.” (Reading) “Agony of a Woman,” by Okanta Kate. I am the subject everyone talks about. I am a laughing stock everywhere I go. I am despised by men. With my writings I can motivate people, encourage them to do things so that they can be great people in the future.”

Five dollars can send Okanta Kate an e-book.