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Transcript “Let’s Help Worldreader and Barca Send 1 Million E-books!” Video

200 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa never own a book of their own. Because books never arrive.

David Risher, President, Worldreader. “If you’re going to work as hard as we’re working trying to solve a problem as big as what we’re trying to solve, you have to understand what’s at stake. We’re in a part of the world where it’s very, very difficult to get books, and we’ve distributed 75,000 e-books over the last year and a half. We’re creating a culture of reading in a part of the world where it’s never gotten a chance to take hold before. We’re doing it using great books, local books but we’re also trying to be aware of who the heroes are, and who the inspirers are, and trying to do that too.”

(Boy’s voice) “I like Barcelona very, very much. It is my favorite team. Yeah, my favorite team that I like most. They are my heroes! When I see them play, I like the way they play. If it were up to me they should keep on playing that way.”

(Children) “It says from Messi to Rita! Messi to Rita!”

(Students) “As you read, the more you get knowledge to answer more questions, and so you always excel.” “The more you read, the more you broaden your mind. I’ll take his challenge to read more. And also to unearth so many things.” “It’s from Abidal. He is saying to us: every book is a goal. It is trying to tell us that what were are doing, we are not doing it in vain, but the more we read, the more goals we achieve one day in the future.”

(Risher) “With our partnership with Barca, we are literally beaming children’s heroes onto their e-readers into their hands as a way to inspire them to read more.”

(Students) “I read, do you?” “This is once in my lifetime that I’ve seen a message from Xavi, Messi, Keita and Abidal.”

(Risher) “I’ve seen with my own eyes how excited these children are to be reading and how hungry they are for more books.”

(Student) “You have to read more to know more about what’s going on in this earth.

(Risher) “Let’s be the first to bring one million e-books to the children of Africa. Please help us.”

Please help us to reach our goal and bring one million e-books to Africa. Your five dollars equals one e-book. Donate and make history.