A new imprint for all children. 

CKR books will create children’s books as a social good. The initiative will bring the joy of reading to all children.

Bringing books to all children, everywhere.

CKR Books is a revolutionary imprint brand that strives to give all children an opportunity to fall in love with reading.

These e-books will be free to all children, no matter where they live.

It’s about pure joy, fun, and play.

The CKR imprint will honor the vibrant life of Carolyn Kroll Reidy by publishing children’s books that are full of joy. These books will promote inclusivity and equality by bringing together diverse stories from diverse creators. The best part is that this imprint is non-commercial, so the books will be created as a social good that children in underserved communities across the globe can read free of charge.

Carolyn and Worldreader

Carolyn will always be part of the Worldreader family.

For ten years, Carolyn passionately supported Worldreader’s mission to bring reading to underserved children and families. She shared our belief that reading changes lives – that readers build a better world. Worldreader is incredibly honored that our impact is even a small part of Carolyn’s enormous legacy. Read more about her generosity in this note from Worldreader CEO, David Risher.

About Worldreader

Worldreader is a nonprofit organization that brings reading programs to children in underserved communities via mobile phones and tablets. So far – and thanks to the incredible support of Carolyn Reidy – we’ve helped over 19 million people read in homes, schools, and communities around the world.

Is this for me?

This initiative is for you if:

  • You believe in the power books have to change a life 
  • You believe that all children deserve a chance to fall in love with reading
  • Books have played an essential part in shaping the person you are today
  • You write children’s books and would like your books to become available to children in need
  • You’re an illustrator or editor and would like to offer your in-kind services
  • Carolyn Reidy touched your life, and you’d like to support her legacy

If you know someone who would be interested in supporting this project, please share this page with them.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful to have you join us as we advance Carolyn’s vision of sharing books with millions of readers across the globe.

“Carolyn loved reading and always believed in promoting literacy in the US and in underserved communities around the world.” – Amanda

“Carolyn was an incredible leader in publishing, and her memory will live on through words, authors, editors and books.” – Nita

“There can be no greater tribute to Carolyn’s life and legacy than to see a new generation of readers discover the world in books.” – Richard

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