With low-cost technology, culturally-relevant digital books, and a network of corporate and nonprofit partners, we’re helping millions of people read more and read better.

  • Book titles available 42,233
  • Monthly Readers 565,142
  • Readers reached since 2010 7,628,939

How We Enable Digital Reading in the Developing World

Mediante tecnología asequible, libros digitales relevantes a la diversidad cultural, y una red de colaboradores, apoyamos a millones de personas para que lean más y mejor.

  • Títulos disponibles 42.233
  • Lectores al mes 565.142
  • Lectores desde 2010 7.628.939

Cómo hacemos posible la lectura digital en los países en vías de desarrollo

Meet Our Readers Around the World

Meet Shaheena. She reads to her niece using the Read to Kids app on her mobile phone.

“My niece’s name is Jiya Fathima and she is only 3 years old. She likes it when I read to her on the app. She likes fairytales and gets excited when she looks at the pictures. She is really enjoying to spend time with me to read stories.”

Shaheena, 23

“I want to become the first nurse in my community. I want to concentrate on my studies because school is the most important thing for me. I want to read and write well so that I can help my mother read some of the things written on her drugs that are given to her at the hospital.”

Bidayatu, 9

Meet Kelvin. When his local library received 25 Kindle e-readers he took it on himself to encourage reading in his village by bringing the e-readers around his village and organizing community events.

“The attendance is always tremendous. Since the introduction of e-readers, people in my village are reading more. Students like them because, unlike the physical books, e-readers are easy to carry.”


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