As we expand to schools and libraries throughout Africa with our BLUE Box programs and throughout the rest of the developing world with our mobile reading app, Worldreader Mobile, we’re collecting immensely valuable data on our programs. We analyze that data and publish the results regularly. Start by discovering the three areas where we’ve had the most impact.

Our Research Reports

Project LEAP Final Report

Libraries using e-readers in Kenya saw monthly visits triple, revitalizing those libraries as hubs of information and knowledge. More findings can be found here.

April 2015 V

Ghana iREAD Study 2012-2014: Final Evaluation

Early primary students read more and better after 18 months in our e-reader program. Read our evaluation results here.

November 2014 V

Project LEAP Midterm Report

As many as 10,000 people may have been already impacted by the program. Read our Midterm Report.

September 2014 V

Project LEAP: E-Readers in African Libraries with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Read the project Baseline Report.

May 2014 V

Cover of Reading in the Mobile Era

UNESCO Report: Reading in the Mobile Era

Worldreader Mobile and its users were the subject of the first-ever study of mobile reading habits in the developing world. UNESCO surveyed 4,330 existing Worldreader Mobile users in 7 countries.

April 2014 V

Improving E-reader Durability

Kindles used in Worldreader’s Sub-Saharan African programs are now more durable than ever. Learn how we did it.

November 2013 V

iREAD 2 Midterm Study Results: All Children Reading in Ghana

We’ve got proof: Primary students read more and better too. Read our iREAD Midterm Results Study.

September 2013 V

iREAD 2 Baseline Report: All Children Reading

iREAD 2 started in January 2013 and aims to improve literacy skills among Ghanaian primary students. Read the baseline report findings.

July 2013 V

Powering Reading Using Solar Charging Kindle Cases

Some projects site are located off the electric grid entirely. Learn how we solve this problem.

May 2013 V

iREAD Ghana Study: Final Evaluation Report

An independent evaluation of Worldreader’s iREAD program in Ghana after one academic year. Read the USAID-funded report.

January 2012

Report: V

Appendices: V

iREAD Vacation School Report: Facilitating access to books during school vacation

Students wanted to read during school break. We set up Vacation School.

October 2011 V

iREAD Progress Report: Student Training and Open Issues

E-readers and e-books get kids to read more—and better. See how far we’ve come.

December 2010 V

Project iREAD: Impact on Reading of E-Readers and Digital Content

iREAD is Worldreader’s pilot study in Ghana. Read the research concept note for iREAD.

October 2010 V

E-Reader Trial Report: OrphanAid Africa School

We launched the first classroom-based Kindle project in Africa. Back in the day.

March 2010 V

Our Operations Reports

Operations Report: January 2015

New e-reader project in Ghana and an update from Kenyan libraries with e-readers. Read our January Operations Report.

January, 2015V

Operations Report: October 2014

Worldreader Ghana collaborates with communities to ensure self management and sustainability of e-reader programs.

October, 2014V

Operations Report: July 2014

Stories from the field and 1,172,355 books delivered. Read our July 2014 Ops report to see updates on our achievements.

July, 2014V

Operations Report: July 2013

Ghana project update and 662,008 books delivered. Read the July Ops report to see our achievements.

July 19, 2013 V

Operations Report: February 2013

Kenya project update and 441,159 books delivered. The February 2013 Ops report shows significant project growth for Worldreader.

February 18, 2013 V

Operations Report: June 2012

190,269 books delivered, a new classroom with e-readers in Ghana. Read our Ops report to see what we accomplished in June.


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