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Bringing Worldreader Sponsors to the Table

January 23, 2013 By

Upendo School

Last month, we highlighted some of our 2012 achievements, including our expansion into yet another new country, Tanzania, at the Upendo School. The three-way partnership formed between the school, its primary funder, AfricAid, and its sponsor, Thanks Be To God Foundation, also marks another milestone for Worldreader. Besides being the first school in Tanzania to have an e-reader … Continue Reading →

Worldreader Featured on United Nations TV

January 11, 2013 By

In the last few months, Worldreader made headlines in various newspapers, magazines and TV shows, and attracted interest from many other prominent international organizations. One of our favorite stories aired recently on the United Nations television network. Ghana: An Education Revolution was televised on UNTV: 21st Century, a news magazine program distributed to about 50 … Continue Reading →

An Amazing 2012

December 28, 2012 By

Students at the Upendo School in Tanzania, our latest project, falling in love with reading

It’s the time of year when we reflect and celebrate what’s come to pass, and with gleeful anticipation, plan ahead. 2012 was, in many ways, a breakout year for Worldreader, and 2013 promises even more Books For All greatness.  

The Heart of A Poet

October 3, 2012 By

Okanta Kate aspires to be a famous writer. We honor her and her dreams as we celebrate International Day of the Girl coming up on Oct. 11.

A few months ago, we learned that 17-year-old Okanta Kate, one of the students in Worldreader’s iREAD program in Ghana, wanted to become a famous writer when she grew up. Since all famous writers have to start somewhere, a blog seems as good a place as any to help Kate reach her goal. So, we … Continue Reading →

Decreasing Our Breakage Rate

June 8, 2012 By


Written by the Worldreader Research & Operations Team In his book The Fifth Discipline, MIT Professor Peter Senge defines a learning organization as a place “where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where … Continue Reading →

Writers Changing Lives: A Chat with Hermés Piqué

June 7, 2012 By

Hermés Piqué

By Jennifer Baljko Kids love books. They love games, too. And they love books that feel like games, and games that feel like books. First-hand feedback from teachers and students in our programs in Africa prove that last statement true. Things like flash cards, spelling quizzes, world maps and anything else that complements the learning … Continue Reading →

Another 204 E-readers Heading to Kenya

May 31, 2012 By

Menara Primary School Teacher Victor Otieno looking up words in his Kindle dictionary

By Zev Lowe More good news coming out of Kenya: The Menara Primary School is getting another 204 e-readers, bringing the total number up to 250 so far. Our partners, Dr. Robert John Ouko Memorial Community Library and GordonFamily ConnectAfrica, are working on getting each of the 500 students at the school in Kenya’s Nyanza Province their … Continue Reading →

Let’s Start a Million Books Movement

May 23, 2012 By

charles FCB

Sometimes, the biggest ideas come from the simplest, most everyday things, like watching kids play in a schoolyard. On my first trip to Africa with Worldreader, I noticed instantly how kids gravitated towards soccer and how, much like the kids at home, they used anything they could find – -a plastic bottle, crumpled paper, a … Continue Reading →