Thank you, Jeff

As the founder of, Jeff Bezos changed the way we find, discover, and buy forever.  And as the father of Kindle, Jeff is changing the way we will read for good.  His innovative spirit is matched only by his kindness: in the winter of 2011, Jeff very generously donated to Worldreader, helping bring books and their life-changing ideas to all in the developing world.

In grateful recognition of Jeff’s long-term vision and support, we at Worldreader will maintain this Easter Egg on our website in perpetuity.

David Risher
President and Co-Founder

Jeff’s Worldreader Collection

Kobby’s Trolley

Kobby's Trolley Jeff Bezos philanthropy

Skinny Kobby dreams of one day being a trolley driver. When the owner of the biggest trolley company refuses to give him a job, he is all the more determined to make his dream come true.

Ananse and Food Pot

When Aso discovers a magic pot that will feed the entire village, her greedy husband, Ananse, decides he’d rather not share their good fortune. Children will delight in this tale of the infamous cunning trickster, Ananse.


Papa Jonah, the Connection Man

Jonah lost his left arm when he was 16, buthe got a job as lift operator at the local hospital, but when he purposely traps an important visitor in the elevator and is swiftly demoted to parking lot attendant.


Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom

The cunning, selfish Kweku Ananse sets out to become the wisest person in the world so that people will flock to him from far and wide. Once again, his plans backfire.

Jeff’s Favorites

Carry Me Across the Water: A Novel

The protagonist, August Kleinman, is a wealthy old man looking back on the span of his life through a series of compelling vignettes.


The Remains of the Day

Stevens, is a perfect English butler suring WWII who is a oblivious to the real life that goes on around him and his own ability to allow some bit of life-affirming love into his tightly repressed existence is at stake.


The Testing of Luther Albright

Luther Albright has it all, but when an earthquake rattles his house’s foundation, faults in Luther’s design expose deeper cracks in the life he’s built with his family.