We’re the non-profit on a mission to eradicate illiteracy by delivering a library of e-books to people in low income countries. Here’s how we do it: We start early using e-readers in primary schools where if kids fall behind, they almost never catch up. Kids begin reading thousands of local stories together with great international books that we’ve curated into the largest most culturally relevant libraries of books.

Our method is the most effective and inexpensive way to eradicate illiteracy globally. As of recently, Worldreader has wirelessly distributed more than 944,300 African and international e-books to children in 9 sub-Saharan African countries. And the results are staggering: in less than 5 months children show significant improvements in fluency and comprehension and the gender gap closes.

Once these children are active readers, together with their families they can continue to access our content via our mobile phone app available to 80% of the developing world via feature phones– helping people make decisions, learn, grow and change their lives.

We’re marching towards a literate planet- a crucial step to end global poverty, and you can help right at the beginning by sponsoring a school.