Annual Reports

What We’ve Achieved Together

Our Annual Reports summmarize our progress of achieving our mission: Books for all. These reports are also our official way of saying thank you to all of our supporters who are helping us provide digital books to children and families in the developing world.

2013 Annual Report

  • Letter from co-founders
  • 2013 Summarized: 223,413 people reading | 990,034 e-books read | 27 countries worldwide
  • Research: A summary of our projects with partners such as UNESCO, RTI, USAID, AustralianAID and World Vision.
  • What’s next in 2014: A glimpse to our upcoming projects with Microsoft, Airtel, UNHCR and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Financial Summary and financial support

To view the full 2013 report, click below:

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

  • Letter from co-founders
  • Year at Glance: 10,000 children and families reached | 250,000 e-books sent | 5 African countries
  • New Progress: Largest external study | Dramatic expansion with Worldreader Mobile: 500,000 readers reading 24 million pages per month
  • Financial Summary
  • Financial Support: list of our donors, funders and partners

To view the full 2012 report, click below: