Worldreaders in St. Al's School in Kenya

April is the Cruelest Kindest Month.

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“There are strong indications that the benefits of mobile reading are long-lasting and far-reaching, with the potential to improve literacy, increase education opportunities and change people’s lives for the better. A revolution in reading is upon us…

Reading in the Mobile Era, a new study of Worldreader Mobile by UNESCO

  • 944,300e-books sent to Africa so far
  • 1,045,425e-books delivered via e-readers
  • 194,562people reading a month
  • 1,782,419e-books read by people since 2010

Worldreader is the non-profit that eradicates illiteracy by delivering the largest culturally relevant library to people in low-income countries—digitally and inexpensively.

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We’re eradicating illiteracy now so our children will live in a literate planet. Learn how our model works.


A huge thank you to the many people who are making “Books for all” a reality: Craig, The Spotlight Foundation, Casey Kiernan, Jeff Bezos, Doris Sanscrainte and more… See all recent donors | Here’s how you can donate.